When we talk about geo fencing, we already know about the benefits of the geo fencing and every business, whether it is the small scale or the large scale, have enjoyed the benefits once they have used the same.

With different use of marketing campaigns by geofencing, the small scale and the large scale businesses have marked their success and they have reached the mass to a great extent. The best thing about geo fencing is that you can choose your own geo fence and decide where or how big your geo fence can be.

But what exactly is geo fencing?

Geo fencing is a virtual geographic boundary or an area that is created with the help of GPS or RFID technology. It enables the software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the premises.

There are a lot of benefits of using the geo fencing technology for your business. One of the most important benefit is you get the real time data analysis for your business. When you get to know how many people have entered your zone and visited your rival store or your store in a month, you can get an idea about how good or how bad your store is doing. This real time analysis is actually very helpful for your business.

Another thing geofencing does for you is Geofencing lets you connect the physical location of your business with your internet presence. Your storefront becomes a portal to your social media and web identity. Use your geofencing software to remind passersby to look you up on Facebook to engage with them. The tourism industry, with its recent shift from storefront to e-commerce, is using geofencing to blend the two entities.

The potential customers could come in a different way. Suppose getting a notification about the main dishes of that day whilst a man enters an area which has a restaurant nearby. Even if the person doesn't come to the restaurant, now he knows about it. And a later time, he may visit it. Or he may visit right at that time. So geo fencing in that area will definitely help you know about that potential customer. An SMS to the potential customer will help them know about your various services and offers. All you need to do is find the right geo fencing service provider now.

If you are running a business – be it a small scale or a large scale, you probably have a fair idea about various tactics on how to grow your business locally and make the most out of various marketing strategies. Geofencing is one of those strategies that help your business grow locally and due to which your business gets great exposure.

What is geofencing mobile marketing?

When we talk about geofencing mobile advertising or marketing, we talk about the geofencing technology used in this regard. Basically, geofencing is a location-based mobile technology that lets you define a precise, hyperlocal geographic area for a specific mobile use or application. In terms of geofencing marketing, this virtual “fence” allow you to target only people via their mobile devices within that defined area with your marketing, such as SMS (text) alerts or mobile ads, like those that display within your favorite apps.

What does geofencing allow you to do?

Geofencing allows you to do the below mentioned things –

1.    This allows your customers to see your ads on-the-move. This is one of the best advantages of using geofencing for mobile marketing. This happens only when they are near your geo fence.
2.    Promote special offers or messages to potential customers near you and gather more and more new customers.
3.    Push relevant and local consumers to take action such as calling to schedule an appointment or using a coupon on their phone.
4.    You can reach your potential consumers with the help of geofencing even if they are at your competitor’s store and attract them towards you.
5.    With the help of geofencing you can gain new awareness and business from those in your area.
6.    Engage only the most relevant local shoppers who are most likely to take action, such as redeeming a coupon or calling you to make an appointment.

There are a lot of reasons why geo fencing has proved to be quite important to the local businesses. Using the geo fencing services can help you gather a lot of customers to a great extent.

Growing your business locally can be quite a tough thing but geo fencing makes it quite easier for you. All you need to do is find a good geo fencing provider who can do the best for you. Choosing a geo fencing provider is another thing you need to take care of. Make sure that you only choose the right geo fencing provider.

Before we talk about any of the benefits or the usage we need to understand the term geofencing. The term geofencing is related to the virtual perimeter that is basically can be drawn around locations that you can target and engage with users based on geographical locations.

However, geo targeting has an all new level of understanding and definition. It is based on delivering content to website user based on that particular person’s geographical location. These tools work by reading data and sensors from an individual’s smartphone. The phone itself looks for cell towers and WiFi networks nearby. Then, this technology that allows geo targeting and geofencing gets a good estimate on where this person is in relation to a particular business.

There are a lot of benefits of using geofencing in smartphones or geo targeting, they are as followed –

1.    It gathers a lot of customer data – The geofencing technology helps you gathering a lot of data. Geofencing and geo targeting tools are used by businesses to collect individual’s information so they can understand them and their buying habits better. By gathering this information, businesses can really learn which customers to target in a specific location.

2.    It improves a lot of sales – These geofencing and geo targeting improves you sales to a great extent. It has a location tracking or GPS facility available and that helps you to find potential customers near your business. Then it will go ahead and send relevant texts to those customers of yours.

3.    The customization part – Geofencing and geo targeting both are customizable. And these allow you to do different campaigns to run in different locations and that too all at once. You can even change the message depending on the location of the ad, or where the ad will be running and also allows you to focus on the particular audience.

4.    Learn about your competition – A good business strategy isn’t only when you just focus on your business. There is much more to that. You need to understand your competitor’s POV and also understand their strategy. The facilities like geofencing and Geo targeting helps you know about your competition. You can also learn about who actually your biggest competitor is. You can also see how loyal customers are and where they’re going when they’re not visiting. Competition can affect how much a business pays to do a task, as well as how much they spend on advertising.

Geofencing in simple terms is like drawing boundaries virtually over a region. Just like we put a fence around the boundaries, with some established technologies, some virtual region could also be erected and be used in lots of different ways.

However, quite recently smartphone geofencing has become a concept that can be termed revolutionary. The beauty of this technology is that it can be used for various purposes with no costly equipment needed. That's what making this geofencing easy to use technology.

It can be used from keeping a track of your kid to even marketing any product.

For example, suppose your kid is at school. And a virtual fencing is around the parameters of the school. Every time the kid comes out of the boundary, you can get a notification in many different ways alerting you about the activity. This is a secure way to protect your child. With just simple techniques, you can save your kid from any other person. Every time he comes out of the school, there will be a notification right on your mobile.

Similarly either case of elderly people, it can also benefit them. Since geofencing keeps a track of the activities along the line of the fencing, it can alert when an elderly person mistakenly goes out or it is also special for people having amnesia.

But the most prominent case for smartphone geofencing will be in marketing. For example, a dealer sells cars. If there is a notification sent, about the discount or any new arrivals of the car, then it can happen that, that customer will come by even days after if not sooner because he heard your offer. It can also help in creating analytics about the demography of the company.

For example, in a used car business, one can assume that the most customers will be of students or people who are just entering in a new job. So mostly those customers are basically from dorms.

Geofencing has endless possibilities. For example, recruiters can geofencing around sole Area University and thus, the student will get the notification as they walk pass those areas which have defined geofencing. It creates much more opportunities than any other field. By placing new jobs in a notification, one can attract the people who may not have been interested in the product in the first place. And that's the beauty of it. It not only targets customers who are seeking but it also targets customers who aren't seeking the product.