Geofencing in simple terms is like drawing boundaries virtually over a region. Just like we put a fence around the boundaries, with some established technologies, some virtual region could also be erected and be used in lots of different ways.

However, quite recently smartphone geofencing has become a concept that can be termed revolutionary. The beauty of this technology is that it can be used for various purposes with no costly equipment needed. That's what making this geofencing easy to use technology.

It can be used from keeping a track of your kid to even marketing any product.

For example, suppose your kid is at school. And a virtual fencing is around the parameters of the school. Every time the kid comes out of the boundary, you can get a notification in many different ways alerting you about the activity. This is a secure way to protect your child. With just simple techniques, you can save your kid from any other person. Every time he comes out of the school, there will be a notification right on your mobile.

Similarly either case of elderly people, it can also benefit them. Since geofencing keeps a track of the activities along the line of the fencing, it can alert when an elderly person mistakenly goes out or it is also special for people having amnesia.

But the most prominent case for smartphone geofencing will be in marketing. For example, a dealer sells cars. If there is a notification sent, about the discount or any new arrivals of the car, then it can happen that, that customer will come by even days after if not sooner because he heard your offer. It can also help in creating analytics about the demography of the company.

For example, in a used car business, one can assume that the most customers will be of students or people who are just entering in a new job. So mostly those customers are basically from dorms.

Geofencing has endless possibilities. For example, recruiters can geofencing around sole Area University and thus, the student will get the notification as they walk pass those areas which have defined geofencing. It creates much more opportunities than any other field. By placing new jobs in a notification, one can attract the people who may not have been interested in the product in the first place. And that's the beauty of it. It not only targets customers who are seeking but it also targets customers who aren't seeking the product.

The value and the usage of smartphones are well known and we don’t have to talk about it much. There are many ways smartphones have been helping us since a long time and in many different ways. To continue to reach your customers, your business must evolve to incorporate the use of mobile devices into your advertising campaign. Check out these five ways smartphones have changed the marketing industry so you can improve your mobile marketing.

There are many ways the smartphones are changing the world of advertising and the ads in smartphones do make a lot of difference in your marketing strategy in various ways. Let’s find us how –

1.    Consumers have better access to information – The traditional advertising can only provide your customers a little information about your business, product or services. However, smartphones literally put endless information in the palm of customers' hands. This allows them to look up reviews of your business and compare the prices of similar products. This helps your business to stand out in the crowd of the homogenous products and services.

2.    Consumers and companies can communicate directly – Smartphone is all about communication and yes the best benefit you can get from the same. One method is via direct messaging to customers who sign up to receive special offers and coupons. This is a perfect way to reach people who already like your product or service.

3.    The ads are location based so it targets a specific group of people – Unlike traditional ads, smartphones based ads are location based and here is why you can connect a specific group of people for the ads and it can really give much more better results than the traditional ads. For example, if someone is shopping at a store and is using a mobile app with location-based advertising, ads or coupons pop up for that same store or similar stores in the area. If that customer is in your store and gets a coupon for your store, they are more inclined to buy something. However, if they are in your store and get a coupon for a similar, nearby store, they'll probably take the better deal.

4.    The option of videos – One of the best things about these smartphone mobile ads is the videos. People don’t have to just know or read texts or they don’t have to think wait for the ads to play in the TV. Videos are already available in the smartphones and that’s what matters.

Geo-fencing in technical terms is generally use of GPS technology to create a virtual boundary and enabling the software to alert when mobiles reach or leave that particular area. This has found its way into business world too. The Geo-fencing apps use these invisible boundaries to find out potential customers in the nearby area and reach out to them. This is a very cost effective method of finding potential customers in the vicinity by monitoring their needs, interests etc and is used in many small and large businesses.

Here are a few reasons why Geo-fencing has spread its wings wider and helping the small scale businesses to a large extent –

1.    Ease of Marketing and Sales – The geo-fencing helps to find the target customers with ease. This in turn helps in easy marketing and sales of the products. We can cut down on expenses of the finding potential customers. Also, since it already shows us the interests and potential need of consumers, marketing costs can be cut and also we can try out different marketing techniques. Also, sales chances are high as the most marketing costs are to the potential consumers.

2.    Relevant and Interesting Offers – We should make sure we give interesting offers to the target people in the geo-fence. The offers should be attractive, relevant and tempting to people. Different types of discount codes and coupons can be used to attract people. Interesting discounts and offers for the loyal customers in the area will increase the chance of them investing more to buy on your products.

3.    Limit the Geo-fence – This is most important thing. The geographical boundary set should be less and limited. A larger geo-fence does not mean a larger consumer base.  A small geo-fence, with fewer consumers but more options and discounts for them will help generate greater profits. It is always quality over quantity.

4.    Use the Local Events in the Area – There may be local family functions, sport events etc happening in the locality. A tie up with the organizers and giving those in the event attractive coupons and discounts will attract the traffic to the business. Those people may visit again too if they are satisfied with the service.

5.    Use Surroundings to your Benefit – If the surrounding has some shop/business which can be related to your product, use the opportunity. For example a chocolate shop can use the nearby florist shop saying buying chocolates along with flowers will be more appealing.

Hence, we can say that the Geo-fencing has made the job easy and GeoFencing Technology provides all means of support to the budding entrepreneurs.