If you are a small scale or a local business, the best thing you can come up with while making advertising strategy is a Facebook page or a banners and a website. But these ways are not sufficient to bring enough visitors to your shop.

As most small scale businesses do not like to waste a lot of money by concentrating on the newspapers or radio and TV ads; there is one idea that can bring amazing changes to the world of advertising. And that technology is nothing but the Geofencing technology. The mobile geofencing technology can help you in a great way while you are trying to endorse your brand locally.

What is geo fencing exactly?

Geo-fencing in literally terms mean to create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

It is basically a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.

However, while you are going ahead and approaching a geofencing provider, there are a few things you must ask your provider –

1.    How will they Shape up the Fence – Geo-fencing works in a different way. You need to create a fence or a circle of your own so that you can target a particular group of people. Some companies allow you to create a circle maybe around your competitors’ market or maybe around your shop’s locality or even in the whole city. It completely depends on you how you want to shape your fence. But, it is always wise of you to keep the circle a small one.

2.    Ask them if you can monitor unlimited locations – You must make sure of one thing – the monitoring part. When you approach a geo-fencing company, ask them if they have the facility of monitoring unlimited locations. Some companies allow you to monitor only 20 locations at once and that isn’t enough. You must make sure you have the privilege of monitoring a number of locations at once.

3.    Ask them if they have reverse Geo-coding – Geo-coding actually helps you to provide your geo-fencing company with a list of addresses of your locations. When you provide them the list, the geo-fencing company can turn these physical locations back into latitude and longitude. Then they allow you to monitor any of the locations by automating the creation of all fences.

Now that the advertising game has changed completely, more and more businesses are using the power of text messaging. Text messaging is one of the simplest ways to advertise your business and a lot of businesses take the help of text messaging to do marketing.

However, in order to make sure that the text messaging strategy is making things easier for the advertisers to get hold of the potential customers and target them, the marketers use various techniques and ways. One of the best technology people can use is the geofencing technology.

There are plenty of options available for the marketers to choose from when they are looking for geofencing advertising companies. These companies come up with different geo-fence and geo-targeting ideas to help the advertisers create an effective geo-target and geo-fence. The geo-fence and geo-target along with text messaging create an effective advertising strategy that helps the business to a great extent.

Use Of SMS Marketing Through Geo Fencing

Have you ever noticed that the big franchise and companies come up with various deals and offers on their products and services – but above all, they tend to circulate the offers via text messages. And do you notice that you get such text messages only when you enter a particular area? Well, this is what the geofencing does. When you enter the particular place or a location, the geofencing starts doing its magic and you get texts for the particular product and service.

The reason everyone is rooting over this technology along with SMS is because the text messages get read and most of the times, it is the only service that can target a huge group of people who are potential customers.

Creating A Fence

There are plenty of ways through which you can improve the effects of geofencing. For example, making the virtual fence where it is needed. Choosing the right place to make the fence is another point to consider. The very first thing you should keep in mind is where you are possibly going to get most of your valuable people.

A lot of businesses tend to set up their fence at the competitor’s store or near the area where the competitor has its store. The reason is it helps them get hold of the customers who are looking for the same products. With your exciting deals and offers you can lure those customers to your store.

Another way of creating a geofence is by selecting a place where there are plenty of people are going to be present at the same time; like a shopping mall, a movie hall or maybe a concert.

Recently, there has been quite a few buzz among the marketers about the geofencing technology and its various benefits. And this proves the importance, the need and the benefits of geofencing in terms of marketing campaigns.

However, there are a few ways and tactics to use this geofencing marketing campaigns and if used properly, you too can benefit for this campaign. If you have not yet learned about these rules, here are a few of them you should follow –

•    The geofencing technology is not just about mobile devices. You can use geofencing as effectively and to be precise sometimes even more effectively via desktop and tablets too. For instance, there might not be enough scale to do a mobile geofencing campaign as people aren’t on their phones long enough within the geofence area.  Another situation where mobile geofencing is not ideal is when a search starts on desktops (car shopping comes to mind), with a retail location nearby as the next logical stop in the purchase process.

•    In order to do geofencing on mobile, the user must have to be within an app or a mobile web browsing session. The user should not be making calls, checking mails, or texting if the geo fencing has to work properly. Within a regular retail environment, only a small portion of all people might be doing one of these needed actions leading to scalability issues.

•    The user must be using the phone or should look at the phone while crossing the geo fencing area. Without looking at the phone the user cannot know about your deals and services you are sending via push messages or via or your SMS geo fencing.

•    Think about what type of action you are asking them to do and the situation that the user might be in. Geofencing can often be highly effective in situations where the person is walking or primarily stationary, as they’ll have the opportunity to safely engage with their phone. Conversely, geofencing doesn’t work well when the user is likely in their car as they are not likely to be within an app while driving.

•    The geofencing boundary here matters a lot. You should make sure that there is a clear geo fence that you are working on if you want better results. If the geo fence boundary is not a clear one, and rather rough, that might not work out well for you.

The Geo-fencing apps use the invisible boundaries to find out potential customers in the nearby area and reach out to them. This is a very cost effective method of finding potential customers in the vicinity by monitoring their needs, interests etc and is used in many small and large businesses.

Small scale businesses can make a huge impact in the market if they apply the idea of geo-fencing as their strategy. Marketing services like mobile geofencing advertising can bring many different benefits to the small scale business. It will enable businesses to serve with great offers, at the best possible time, which is exactly when a potential customer is passing next to the store. Geo-fencing can also provide enormous data for the marketers to have a game with.

It will give a vast improvement in the user experience as the consumers will be served with the best offers and deals at a given moment which will be like a surprise gift for them. Geo-fencing marketing campaigns will then be able to generate tones of useful customer data by gaining location-based customer information. It will generate a much more strong relationship with the individuals and it will open new communication channels between the company and the customers. It enables the marketing campaign to understand better about the consumers buying capacity, their motive of buying things and their habits of buying a product.

The role of the geo-fencing doesn’t really end. It not only does geo-fencing a business with the perfect marketing timing, but it is also incredible cost efficient advertising. Most of the small scale businesses don’t actually have a huge amount of money to invest in their promotion, yet they still need these tools in order to grow in the market. By using this technology, these businesses can directly compete with the biggies for a fraction of price. Whatever might be the budget, there is always wide range of options that any small business can afford.

Geo-fencing also makes your store popular among the localities. People know your store name; they know your products, when you get more footfalls, those customers talk about your service and products to their friends and family. And the cycle goes on. Unlike the traditional marketing it isn’t costly; it doesn’t unnecessarily target a whole bunch of people and yet provides you transformative results.

Keep using the geofencing service for better experience.