In the event that you have a small scale business say – a coffee shop, a fashion centre point, a takeaway joint or possibly a small bar, almost certain you have known about the expression "geofencing". Perhaps read it on the web or possibly your friends have specified about it before, however geo-fencing sounds entirely well-known to you isn't it?

So what is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.

You can use mobile Geofencing target advertising tactic which allows you to target users who enter a specific area around a location like your business or your competitor’s business and show your ad on their mobile device.

There are a few ways or techniques of the Geofencing ads which can help your business grow better and faster. Here are those techniques –

1.    Target your rival's customers – When you are in a business, you must recognize what your rivals and competitors are doing – who are visiting their shops – what makes your rival's shop superior to yours. These things are extremely imperative for you and you must investigate these things. Targeting your rivals' customers will enable you to get those customers. Suppose there are a couple of potential customers for your business and they visit your rival's shop most of the times. What would you be able to do in that case is at whatever point they are in your rival's shop, you can send notifications or messages offering 20%-30% discounts on the same services. The customers will be unquestionably influenced by this.

2.    Target the general population who are close to your business location – Geo-fencing is tied in with targeting the general population around you. When you have a business at one specific place, and you are new, very few individuals think about your shop, what you can do is, instead of investing a great deal of cash in the customary advertising, you can spend a minimal expenditure on geo-fencing, target the general population around the 20mile radius of your storefront and send them important texts identified with various offers your business provides. This way, in spite of the fact that very little individuals will be secured, in any event individuals who can really be your potential customers will be targeted and you will be more profited.

3.    Target patron of your relative business – When you target your rival's customers, you can also target the other applicable businesses. For instance, in the event that you are an insurance specialist, you may target an adjacent auto dealership or condo complex so new auto owners or new renters can see your ads and call you for their insurance needs. Consider businesses that may supplement yours and target their customers to drive all the more new customers to your business.