In the competition of market the use of geo-fence technology is proved to be quite effective and lot of business around the world is now gaining more profit from it. This technology allows brands to create unique environment for every customer and this affect their sales to increase.

Now many geo-fencing companies can be found that provide geo-fence service to market researchers and business. But not every geo-fence software’s created by these companies are equal so before you buy them, it is convenient to have some basic knowledge about them. Here are some facts you should know before purchasing geo-fence software:

1.    Know the shape of the fence: When you select a location based marketing vendor always make sure that the software can create a fence of any shape and size. Checking this beforehand is very necessary as many geo-fence companies only allow creating circular fence to the size of city. But to execute the use of geo-fence completely you will need software that can form any shape as you might need to create geo-fence around your business premises, a specific room within the building or a competitor which might not be a circle in shape.

2.    Know if unlimited number of location can be monitored: When you buy geo-fence software never for get to ask if they will also to monitor unlimited number of location at once. Asking this is important as most of the providers only allow 20 locations to be monitored at one time and if the number of location you want to monitor is more than 20 then it can create lot of hindrance to your work. So before select a provider for geo-fence software makes sure it does not have the restriction of 20 locations.

3.    Know about the hardware requirement: Unlike other targeting schemes geo-fence does not have anything to do with beacons. To set a geo-fence around a specific location your provider only has to integrate a plug-in into your mobile app (SDK) in other words it’s Smartphone geo-fencing. Because compared to an iBeacon the Smartphone has some of the most sophisticated sensors onboard and hence not additional software is required.

4.    Know the requirement of opening the app: A geo-fence can be best executed when it worked passively. In other words when a customer came to your store there is no need to open the app every time they enter the fence, because in real world no one will try to remember to open the app when they enter a specific location. But some geo-fencing companies require the app to be open so check if it is true for the one you select too.