Geo-fencing become the new face of the marketing these days. It helps the companies to create unique environment for their engagement with customers. And the effect of it can be seen in the business around the world as their sales are growing more than ever.

If you are thinking about buying geo-fencing software from a geo-fencing provider company, make sure to check various smartphone geofence services or other things since not every tool is created equally. Here are some points you need to know before buying geo-fencing software:

1.    Know the shape: Before buying your geo-fencing software it is wise to check if the tool can create a fence of any size and shape for your location based marketing vendor. Knowing this beforehand is very necessary as lot of companies mainly offers circle shapes fence that can vary to a size of a city. If you only need the fence around only your business premises or a specific room within the building or a certain business rival then you will certainly need a fence that can create various kinds of shape.
2.    Monitoring location: Always make sure that the provider of the geo-fencing software can allow you to monitor many of the location at once. Most of us may not know but lot of the geo-fencing provider only allow 20 places to monitor at one time. If the number of location you want to monitor is under 20 then it may not cause you any problem but it can become a very hindrance in case you have more than 20 locations to monitor. So before you buy your geo-fence software make sure the provider does not have a restriction of 20 locations.

3.    No extra hardware: Geo-fencing marketing does not require any beacons and the only thing to do is your provider to integrate a plug in to your mobile app (SDK) to make it work. This is because compared to an iBeacon; a Smartphone has more sophisticated sensors onboard.

4.    The requirement of the opening the app: To execute the most of the geo-fence service, the software you buy should be able to work passively i.e. even if the app is not open it needs to work. In most of the cases the provider company need the app to be open in the time when a customer enters your fence. But this is highly unlikely that every time a customer enter the fence they will open the app. So in order to survive in the real world it is important for the app to work passively.